The General Census of Agriculture and Livestock (GCAL) will be conducted according to the modular approach of the FAO World Program for Census of Agriculture 2020, in several stages including a core module (by exhaustive enumeration) and complementary / thematic modules (per survey) based on data from the core module.

Following this modular approach, the GCAL will be achieved in five following phases:

  • Preparatory phase (July 2016 - April 2017): Completion of technical documents, operationality of steering bodies, settlement of human and material resources, organization in the field. Achievement of the pilot GCAL of the core module and mapping works and collection of community data. The mapping and community survey will be done jointly with BUCREP, with whom a memorandum of understanding has been signed.
  • Achievement of a core module (May - December 2017): Enumeration of the household agro pastoral holdings (farms) and not –in a household holdings). Structural data will be collected during four months by direct exhaustive enumeration in all agro pastoral households and not-in a households.
  • Achievement of the complementary module (January - December 2018): Complementary module Survey (Agriculture and Livestock) on a sample of detailed structural data on traditional holdings covering activities of plant and animal production.
  • Achievement of the thematic modules (January - December 2019): Thematic modules surveys (Aquaculture, transhumant livestock) in all of the identified aquaculture holdings and representative samples of transhumance herd concentration zones.
  • Consolidation of CountrySTAT-Cameroon (July 2016 -December 2019): The project will strengthen the CountrySTAT-Cameroon system for friendly dissemination and archiving of GCAL achievements, various surveys and other administrative statistical data on food and agriculture.