The mapping is the first field operation as part of the project. Given the fact that the BUCREP is also preparing the 4th General Population and Housing Census (RGPH4), the GCAL mapping was coupled with that of BUCREP with a view to carrying out only one operation and making budget savings. To this mapping was added the community survey.

The operation began on October1, 2016 and it is currently at a completion rate of 74 per cent in 11 months. It is scheduled to be completed by the end of October.

The pilot census is the general testing phase of all administrative, technical and organizational procedures including awareness raising. This preliminary test, from all census aspects undoubtedly offers great interest for the achievement of the operation itself. Four main activities are implemented as part of the pilot census for the core module. This is the training held in Ebolowa from the 1st  to 25th  May 2017, the training of collection agents organized in Bafoussam and Ngaoundere from the 23rd  to 27th  May 2017, the awareness raising is deployed from ....... to ....... 2017 and the current collection that has covered the period from  May 30 to June 29, 2017.